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The PreRoll Factory

The PreRoll Factory-
Canada's Premium Prerolled joints/Cones from BC Craft

The Factory brings you the  highest quality medical cannabis in a convenient, easy to smoke product.  

The Factory - Premium Prerolls from Licensed Growers

No Sugar leaves, No shake, No "Bottom of Bag"

Our Prerolls are made from SINGLE strains. No "salads" or mixes. You need to know the strains and their effects to make the right choices for you. 

We use only pure bud - the best flowers sourced from local, trusted growers.  It's hand ground and triple sifted for top quality results.

We do small batches to ensure freshness and highest potency.

Each preroll is packaged in a  sealed, air tight tube to ensure freshness and an odor free environment.  

Handpacked in RAW cones - no machines here!

Our Prerolled Cones are handpacked and "flat topped" for the best even and smooth burn. No machines here for our prerolls - all handmade for the ultimate in quality control

The Factory uses organic RAW cones - 1 1/4, King and 10". The best of the best for prerolled joints 

Our Background

We are medicinal dispensary veterans - product & operations managers who have cultivated relationships with the best craft cannabis growers that British Columbia has to offer. 

We are educated by Kwantlyn Polytechnic (MM facility mgmt) and Oakersterdam University and know what to look for in medicinal grade marijuana. 

Most importantly we are also medical users and want to know what's in our prerolls.

We know what we're smoking at The Preroll Factory 

The Workers' Choice - Customizable 10 pack $35

Our most affordable choice for the workers by the workers

We want to ensure everyone has a chance to have affordable, quality marijuana.

This is the highest quality flower - We purchase the smaller buds of Quad strains directly from the growers at a reduced price so we can provide this option.

Crystal Coma (Sativa 70:30)

Purple Voodoo (Hybrid 50:50)

Cali OG Kush (Hybrid 50:50)

Jack 47 (Sativa 75:25)

Super Kush (60:40 Indica)

Black OG (70:30 Indica)

Order your Custom Worker's Choice Pack:

Pick 5 Strains to make up your custom pack or just get an assortment and we'll make the hard decisions for you.

The Party's Mix - Customizable, Assorted sizes $40

Our most popular pack - 3 strains Workers' Choice 2 pack and 2 King Size Bougie prerolls

This is a great way to try all of our available strains. A mix of 1 1/4 and King Cones will give you options and then more options. Try a variety pack to get the factory favourites.

Order your Custom Party's Mix:

Pick 3 strains from our Workers Choice. Then pick 2 strains from our Bougeoisie to make up your custom pack or just get an assortment and we'll make the hard decisions for you.

The Bourgeoisie - Customizable 5 pack $45

Our next level choice with our reserve strains.

Order your Custom Bourgeoisies' Pack:

Pick 5 Strains to make up your custom pack or just get an assortment and we'll make the hard decisions for you.

The Canna Czars

These are the Big Guns. The Show Offs. The Attention Getters. The Friend Makers.


You can call it what you want but you will need to know the details:
1.4 g of BC Craft Cannabis - Quads
.1 g of Flawless Concentrates Shatter
Coated in .25 g of Maple Leaf Extracts Distillate 98% THC
Covered with .25 g of Premium Grade Keif
Hand Wrapped in Skunk Brand Hemp Papers

Introductory Price of $35 per Premium Blunt

Ask for other available options or for custom orders

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