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Frequently Asked Questions

Discreet Shipping

We do what we can to ensure that your package is shipped as 'discreetly' as possible - the return address that is  on our packages lists us as "The PRF", and there is no other identifying information or marking, no crazy logos or anything that is attention grabbing.

No Membership Required

We welcome both medicinal and adult use customers. 

Will you need to see my ID?

Yes. Before your first order we will need to see a piece of government ID. You can cover any confidential information before sending it to us - we really only need to see your DOB. This information is deleted immediately upon confirmation of your age. 

Free Weed?

We offer a free 2 pack of our worker's choice as a thanks for your first order.

We've been known to throw an extra in the odd order just to share the love.

Recycling Doob Tubes

These tubes can add up and we are now offering a recycling program. If you return your tubes to us, we will take the postage cost off your next order with us and give you a reward for doing your part.

Payment Info

Our current payment method is via "Interac E-Transfer (Email Money Transfer)", which is something that you can do quickly and simply through your personal online banking. After we confirm for you via email the availability of your desired items and the total to be paid, you can send the E-Transfer to our email address As well as our email address, your bank will also ask for a name (can be anything, but "The PRF" works just fine) and either an option to "AutoDeposit" (preferred - especially if you put your order number in the notes field of your transfer for easy reference) or to set up a "Security Question and Answer". We provide the security question and answer in your confirmation email- so that we can easily process your payment. Please don't be concerned when the transfer is 'Accepted' by our owner/president  - Interac prefers a human being, rather than a business name, to connect e-transfers to.