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The PreRoll Factory

The PreRoll Factory-
Canada's Premium Prerolled joints/Cones from BC Craft

The Factory is Proud to Present The Canna Czar

The Friend Maker, The Show Off, The Faberge Egg of Blunts

You can call it what you want but you will need to know the details:

1.4 g of BC Craft Cannabis - Quads

.1 g of Flawless Concentrates Shatter

Coated in .25 g of Maple Leaf Extracts Distillate 98% THC

Covered with .25 g of Premium Grade Keif

Hand Wrapped in Skunk Brand Hemp Papers

Now Available at Select Dispensaries

Ask us for details on our Dispensary Partners

Introductory price of $35 per Blunt

Comes in odor & moisture resistent doob tube,

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